Wednesday, March 30, 2011

catching up

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but WE ARE HERE!!! It is so nice to finally have the family all in one place again. It was a crazy couple of weeks but we made it.  I found out on March 8th that Bryce and I were flying out on the 14th. It was a whirlwind of a week getting all prepared to leave...again. Then it happened, on March 11, the earthquake. My phone started buzzing from all the facebook messages and post in the wee hours of morning and by 7am I think I had calmed my self down enough to breath.  Jeremy was safe and that is all that mattered.  Next question that hit... would we still be leaving on Monday.  The TMO office was busy all Friday and the airline would not talk to me because I did not make the reservations and the credit card was not in my name...just my luck.  Finally I got a nice man by the name of Mark on the phone. Mark has a son in the Army so when I explained my situation he gladly let me know that my travel arrangements were all set and good to go.  I think I danced my happy jig several times that day, ha! Monday came and off we went. 23.5 hours later I was in my hubby's arms and my family was reunited! Bryce did wonderfully on all the flights and only got upset once and that was in the middle of my breakdown at the Tokyo airport...but there is nothing that a warm bottle can't fix for him, and a friendly ticket agent can't fix for me. 
It is amazing here, and I have tons of pictures to share.  We live in Yomitan-Son at the Marina Toya.  It is right off the water and we are really close to several beaches.  One within walking distance :) Jeremy found us a great 3 bedroom apartment with 2 full baths and wonderful ocean views.  It is a lot smaller than our house was on base in Little Rock, but we are trying some new minimal approaches in's hoping it works. 
I have tried several local restaurants, and surprise surprise I have loved all of it! The main places we eat are, CoCo's (which is all curry based food), TanTan's (great ramen bowls), "vending machine place" We don't know the name lol (wonderful ramen dish and garlic fried rice, very cheap!!) And of course the good ole food court at the BX.  Sometimes you have a craving for Taco Bell.
We have received our first of two shipments.  This one had all of Bryce's stuff, pots, pans, dishes, towels, some clothes, and all of Jeremy's pro-gear, which is everything work related.  We won't received the next one till mid May, I am sure it has been delayed due to all the earthquake issues.  It was catching a boat in San Fransisco, so I hope all is well there.  We have purchased a few things such as curtains, living room furniture, and Bryce's furniture.  It was fun shopping but nothing compares to furniture shopping at Warnocks, miss you Steve!
Well I hope this eases wondering minds back home and hopefully I will be able to keep up with this blog now that we have Internet.  We miss everyone and can't wait till someone breaks down and buys a plane ticket here to visit, lol! Love to all!