Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life's a beach...

Sorry for the delay in updating, we haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to computers around here.  Jeremy’s has completely stopped working and mine only works if you hop on your left foot, hold your breath, whistle Dixie, and cross your fingers.  But any ways…Lots has happened since my last update.  First of all, we have all of our stuff from the states.  It is nice for things to finally start feeling like home here.  Secondly, I got a job! I am working as an assistant at the Banyan Tree Club.  It really mimics my job at the Chamber of Commerce so it is perfect fit for me. So far I have really enjoyed and my supervisor is great.  I bet you are wondering about Mr. Bryce.  I found a great babysitter for him.  Bailey keeps the bean Monday-Friday, 8-5pm.  She will also keep him if I need to work on the weekends and Jeremy is not available. She is WONDERFUL.  Knowing she has Bryce all day makes going back to work so much easier.  She sends me updates and pictures throughout the day to keep me in the loop.  We set her up with some toys, play mat, bouncy seat, ect. So it is really his home away from home.  He actually likes his toys better at her place than the ones we have at home, ha! Oh well…  at least he is happy, maybe even a little spoiled J  Jeremy is working days right now, so we are car pooling to work.  I drop him off, take Bryce to Bailey’s, and then I get to work.  I guess when his schedule changes, we will probably be looking at getting another car. We just experienced our first Tropical Storm of the season.  It stayed at a TCCOR 3.  We had to secure all outside items and make sure our car was on higher ground.  Jeremy still had to work, which if it had gotten to TCCOR 1 he would have been sent to his “quarters”.  Pretty much, it just rained and we had really rough wind.  This was also the day we had Bryce’s doctor’s appointment and 4 month shots. (I know he is 5 months, but the office is a bit behind on visits) We got a new medicine for his skin, which is working wonders).  The doctor was not happy about his neck muscle development and once again the use of his right arm is limited. She also noted that his length and weight were not quite where they should be for his age group.  The doctor still has not received any of the paper work from Children’s hospital, so my homework this month is to get her everything from his neurologist there.  She is also to considering moving up his one year MRI to 6 months. We are going back June 7th for a more in depth development appointment and will know more then.  Please continue to keep our little warrior in your prayers.   
We have continued to explore the island as much as we can with a 5 month old in tow.  Good thing Bryce loves his car seat and stroller.  He also loves the beach.  Jeremy had to work on Easter Sunday, so the two of us walked to Torii Beach and set up camp for a couple of hours.  He napped under the umbrella and I caught up on my book.  It was so nice.  Unfortunately here lately the weather hasn’t been the best.  We are into to rainy season, so I guess I better get used to wet toes and frizzy hair. 
Well Bryce is up for his mid night snack, I will try to update more often or whenever my computer allows it. Love to all!