Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane....

Well Jeremy is at least.  He is set to fly out February 23rd.  They are packing up our stuff next week and Pop is moving me and Bryce to Magnolia.  We will be there until Bryce's passport comes in.  I hope it doesn't take too long, but I am thankful for the extra time with my family before we go.  This also gives Jeremy time to get settled in, look for housing, and start work with a good night's sleep (crying baby free).  I can't believe it is already this time, but I will be so glad when it is ALL said and done. We are so ready to be moved and settled in for a change. And finally the bean will get his own room! Yay!!  But unfortunately this all sets up the situation that I will be flying ALONE with a 2 month old...YIKES!!! Talk about an adventure, ha! However we did learn that they will be providing him with a seat as well, woohoo! I was worried they would consider him a lap baby and I would be stuck holding him cramped in an airplane for 20 plus hours. God is good, even for the small miracles :)  Well once I have some more updates I will send them y'alls way, until then...Love to all!!

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